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Medium Season Six Episode Guide 2009 - 2010

December 7, 2016, 8:33am





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Medium Season Six Episode Guide 2009 - 2010

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  • 25 Sep 09  Déjà Vu All Over Again
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - Déjà Vu All Over Again
    It's been three and a half months since Allison's surgery to remove her brain tumor. She's recovering fine with added help from Joe, who's quit his job and become caretaker of the house. Allison hasn't had any visions or dreams since she fell into the coma, just like she predicted. She goes to DA Devalos to ask him for a job, telling him that before she fell into a coma, she had a dream that she no longer "saw" things but went to him for help. He agrees to hire her and they immediately meet with a tv news producer who's sportscaster is being stalked by a rabid fan. Incidentally, the anchor is also his wife. While Allison is watching all of this she begins experiencing flickers in time, as if periods of time are repeating themselves on a loop, like a broken record. She talk to Joe about this and he’s concerned about her and about her going back to work. When Scanlon and Allison confront the stalker, he tells them he's having a consensual affair with the sportscaster. It all seems very unlikely to both Allison and Scanlon because the guy is huge. Allison continues to have these visual flickers and has one where she sees the woman stabbed with her tv news producer husband dead, next to her. All of these things come true and the police give chase to the stalker and gun him down. Finally, a dream comes to Allison where she sees the woman actually set the entire thing up, using the fact she had a delirious fan to her advantage and actually killed her husband herself. She goes to Devalos with all of this but they have no proof. Joe goes to Marie's class during career day and has a crisis of conscience when he's asked what happens if he never comes up with another idea. He debates going back to the working world.

  • 02 Oct 09   Who's That Girl
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - Who's That Girl
    Devalos shows Allison a missing persons photo of Elena Agronov and Allison recognizes the woman as a stripper from one of her visions. Allison dreams Elena was shot by one of her clients from the strip club and is able to tell Scanlon where to find her body. Meanwhile, Allison and Joe think Ariel is being a rebellious teenager when she sneaks out one night and comes back smelling like cigarettes. However, Allison dreams that Ariel is actually possessed by Elena's ghost and that when she snuck out of the house she went to buy a gun to seek revenge on the man who shot her. Allison dreams Elena's murderer was the father of one of Ariel's friends, Kevin Charles, but when she confronts Ariel/Elena to get her to stop seeking revenge, Joe doesn't believe the far-fetched story. Finally, after Allison frames Ariel for Elena's murder and gets Scanlon to arrest her, they are able to trick Elena into giving up possession of Ariel's body. Joe had been in on the plan all along and police arrest Kevin for Elena's murder.

  • 09 Oct 09   Pain Killer
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - Pain Killer
    Allison dreams that the eminent physician who saved her life while she was in a coma, Dr. Statler, is playing God at the local hospital by killing off terminal cancer patients with undetectable drugs. Devalos says he has no jurisdiction there, but when Allison tells the hospital's chief administrator, Jerry Carlisle, he says he's insulted by her accusations against the doctor and that he won't investigate. Allison dreams that Carlisle knew about Dr. Statler's killings, but agreed not to turn him in if Dr. Statler would kill his wife so Carlisle could collect on her life insurance policy. The police seize Carlisle's computer to find evidence of his involvement in Dr. Statler's murders, but before Carlisle can testify, Dr. Statler kills him. Allison tells Dr. Statler she won't give up her case against him, but he says he's already accepted a position at a hospital in Georgia. Bridgette dreams up story lines for her favorite reality show that turn out to be accurate predictions about Joe's job interview. She dreams that Joe's main competitor for the position, Willem, sabotaged his chances by getting Joe's former employer to give Joe a bad recommendation. Joe confronts Willem, but tells him he probably needs the job more since Bridgette dreamed Willem's wife is having an affair.

  • 16 Oct 09   The Medium is the Message
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - The Medium is the Message
    In rehabilitation therapy following her coma, Allison starts having visions of strange zodiac symbols that seem to be related to the unsolved Libra Slayer killings from eleven years earlier in which the killer left coded letters for police and carved the Libra symbol in strangled women’s foreheads. Joe is concerned when Allison subconsciously writes the strange symbols on a school fieldtrip permission slip for Marie. Though author Lance Pauling claims that John David Boatner admitted to being the Slayer on his death bed, Allison dreams Pauling lied about getting the confession and the real killer has resurfaced and is responsible for a recent unsolved strangulation case. Devalos says recent murder can’t be the work of Libra Slayer because, unlike the Libra Slayer, the new murderer is left-handed. Allison then dreams about a man she met in rehab, Neal Greybridge, getting mugged and when she wakes up she is able to help police identify Neal’s attacker and arrest him. Allison dreams that Neal is the Libra Slayer and was only stopped from further killings because of the injuries sustained during his mugging. Scanlon matches Neal’s fingerprint to an old print left by the Slayer, proving he is the killer. Neal's injuries forced him to become left-handed after the mugging. Neal disappears before they can arrest him, but in a dream Allison sees Neal’s next victim and the coded letter he will leave at the scene of the crime. Allison realizes the symbols she wrote on Marie’s permission slip are actually a key to decode the letter from her dream, and police are able to arrest Neal before he kills again. Joe’s new boss, Keith, is an awkward introvert who doesn’t want anyone’s help on engineering projects, but Joe doesn’t want to be transferred because he thinks Keith’s work is genius and wants to earn his respect.

  • 23 Oct 09   Baby Fever
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - Baby Fever
    Allison has a strange dream where Joe and the girls are all babies. The next day, Allison and Scanlon are called to the house of Scott and Dana Carlow who believe their housekeeper, Elizabeth, has kidnapped their baby, Bryce. Eerie baby noises lead Allison to a house where she finds Bryce in an oven. Allison has a strange feeling that she needs to keep the baby to protect him, but Joe makes her turn the baby into the police. Elizabeth’s corpse turns up and her cousin Alberto identifies the body. Allison has a vision of Bryce’s dead sister, Lucy, saying the baby isn’t safe in the Carlows’ house. Allison maces Dana Carlow and kidnaps the baby at night, taking him to a hotel. Allison dreams that Alberto killed Elizabeth. She also dreams that Elizabeth had given Alberto the security code to the Carlow’s home and that Alberto was going back to try to kidnap Bryce again. The police find Allison in the hotel and arrest her, but Dana visits her in jail saying that Alberto came the night before to try to kidnap the baby and Allison’s intuitions were correct, so they are dropping the charges against her. Bridgette is jealous when Marie seems to be a prodigy, at the clarinet but it turns out Marie’s own psychic abilities have helped her learn the ending to a song that will give the school music teacher peace after her father’s death.

  • 30 Oct 09   Bite Me
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - Bite Me
    When a friend of the police department, funeral parlor director Carl Catalano, shows up dead in a cemetery, Allison tells his daughter, Bobbi, that she’ll do everything she can to find the killer. Police think the murderer is a zombie-like drug addict high on “wet,” a drug made with embalming fluid. Allison sees the suspect in the cemetery and police arrest him. Allison has a series of dreams in which she’s the character Barbara from the movie “Night of the Living Dead” and that zombies are attacking her, Joe, and the girls. What’s strange is that when Allison wakes up, the injuries she’s sustained in her dream follow her into real life and Bobbi seems to have all the same injuries. Allison realizes that “Bobbi” is short for “Barbara” and that Bobbi murdered her own father when he confronted her about selling embalming fluid to drug dealers. Bobbi is arrested. Bridgette is haunted by visions of her dead class pet tarantula, but it turns out the spider just wants Bridgette to save it’s egg sac that Joe had thrown away with the terrarium.

  • 06 Nov 09   New Terrain
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - New TerrainAllison dreams that Ariel, Marie, and Bridgette are in a car accident. The next day at school a girl named Jamie crashes into the parked Dubois’s station wagon. Allison rents a GMC Terrain while the damages are being assessed. Allison dreams that a criminal mastermind uses a hostage, strapped with bomb vest, to rob a bank. The dream comes true and bomb expert Patrick Wilkes is unable to disarm the bomb before the hostage is blown up in the bank. Allison dreams that Wilkes is the one who orchestrated the robbery with help from a female accomplice who rented safe deposit boxes for Wilkes to stash the bank money in. The police are unable to find the accomplice because she used a fake name. Allison dreams that the accomplice drove her rental car. When she scrolls back through past addresses in the car’s navigation system she finds the accomplice’s address. They arrest the accomplice and Wilkes. Ariel has a vision that Jamie took the blame when her mother, Lauren, was responsible for the accident. Ariel has a vision that Lauren and Jamie are killed in a car accident because she was high on pain medication. Ariel tells Jamie she’ll drive her to school from now. Allison decides to keep the Terrain.

  • 13 Nov 09   Once in a Lifetime
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - Once in a Lifetime
    In a dream, Allison “sees” Ariel’s new boyfriend, Casey, stalking a man with a gun. The man from her dream turns out to be Earl Sanderson, a murder victim the police are investigating and Ariel is horrified when Allison starts questioning Casey in the murder. It turns out that Casey believes he is reincarnated from a man that Sanderson killed, named Angelo Filipelli. Casey is actually Filipelli’s child and Casey’s mother had hired Sanderson to kill Filipelli to hide the affair from her husband. Allison and Joe find out that Bridgette has been secretly video taping their clumsy neighbor, Lloyd Darby, and the videos have become an internet sensation. Lloyd tells Joe he’s going to sue, but then changes his mind when the publicity from the videos helps him reconnect with a long lost love.

  • 20 Nov 09   The Future's So Bright
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - The Future's So Bright
    While investigating the Littleton "stick up boys," two brothers who murder and rob drug dealers, Allison develops an extreme sensitivity to light. Scanlon offers Allison sunglasses from the police lost and found and when Allison puts them on, she starts seeing strange floating numbers in front of everyone's foreheads that she realizes are the exact number of days each person has to live. Allison is worried because Scanlon's number has changed and now says he only has two days to live. Allison has a vision that a dirty cop, Aaron Carver, will try to kill Scanlon because Scanlon has a notebook of information tying Carver to the Littletons. Allison is able to warn Scanlon about Carver, but they still have no proof of Carver's intentions. However, it doesn't matter because at the police station Allison sees a floating "1" above Carver's head, indicating that he'll be killed by drug dealers before he can get to Scanlon. In a dream, Joe's father warns Allison to have Joe checked for heart problems. Sure enough Joe has high blood pressure and the doctor suggests Joe take up meditation to lower his stress level. The boss of Joe's company, Dan Burroughs, sees Joe meditating outside the building and says that he also meditates. Burroughs says he's impressed with Joe's work and invites Allison and Joe over for dinner. Allison has another vision in which Joe's dad admits to manipulating Allison in the earlier dream to help Joe get ahead at work.

  • 04 Dec 09   You Give Me Fever
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - You Give Me Fever
    Allison dreams of a car barreling down a highway headed straight for a concrete impass. The man inside seems wholly focused on his task and in the back of the car are gallons of gasoline. She wakes up just as the car crashes into the wall and explodes in a fiery ball of flames. Allison goes into work surprised to see a lot of military personnel and FEMA employees. There is a small briefing with Scanlon and Devalos where a military officer tells them cultures of a deadly virus called FV-39 have been discovered missing from their labs. Dr. Erik Westphal and his team was working on developing an antiserum and it is suspected that someone stole samples to sell on the black market. The team is told to keep everything quiet until they can find and recover the stolen samples. Meanwhile, with Joe home sick with the flu, Allison is en route to get a flu shot. On her way she sees the same car from her dream. She tries to pull the man from the car after he crashed but he pushes her away and locks the doors and succumbs to the explosion. Once home, Allison starts to feel sick and once again dreams of the man, this time seeing him with pustules and blood leaking from his eyes and nose. She calls Lee and knowing what he knows, the entire FEMA team is at the Dubois residence. They test the family, thinking that Allison might have been exposed to the deadly FV-39 virus since the man in the car was an employee who worked with Dr. Westphal who is now suspected of being the one to take the samples to try and sell. Allison and her family are cleared and they discover that whatever samples the man, Mitchelle Lomis, took were destroyed in the car with him. Everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief and the government decides to allocate money for production of the antiserum so this sort of thing doesn't happen. Allison dreams again and discovers that Dr. Erik Westphal set the whole thing up, infecting Lomis and taking the antiserum himself, to bring attention to the fact that a deadly virus without an antiserum could be devastating. Allison confronts him but the doctor insists he was doing it for the good of the country and she has no proof. In the end, Westphal has an allergic reaction the to antiserum and succumbs, ironically, to the common flu. Scanlon plans on asking DiNovi to marry him but discovers she harbors a secret that takes him by surprise.

  • 08 Jan 10   An Everlasting Love
    Medium - Medium, Season 6 - An Everlasting Love
    The police hunt a serial killer targeting innocent women, but when the prime suspect dies, his ghost contacts Allison to clear his name, contact his girlfriend and maybe help the investigation.  Also, Joe's boss asks him to critique his new novel.

  • 15 Jan 10   Psych
    Allison dreams of a schizophrenic child, who she later meets as the well-adjusted roommate of a missing psychiatric patient, and questions whether she was responsible for killing her own parents.  Also, Bridgette is confused about her feelings for a boy.

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