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ER Season Three Episode Guide (1996 - 1997)

December 7, 2016, 8:32am





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ER Season Three Episode Guide (1996 - 1997)

  • Dr. Carter, I Presume
    The work never ends for the physicians and staff in the emergency room of Chicago, Illinois' County General Hospital. Naove Dr. John Carter (series star NOAH WYLE) has just graduated from medical school and is now a doctor, working as a surgical intern. He feels confident because the other interns training with him have never worked at County and are unfamiliar with their new supervisor, intense surgical resident Dr. Peter Benton (series star ERIQ LA SALLE). Benton makes Carter train as hard as the others. After botching an operation, Carter offends the nurses, and they make his busy night hellish. Fortunately, one intern, Dennis Gant (recurring guest star OMAR EPPS), helps Carter when he needs it most, and Carter's performance improves. But his rivalry with another new intern, Dale Edson (recurring guest star MATTHEW GLAVE), with whom he has clashed before, is renewed.

    Handsome pediatric emergency fellow Dr. Douglas Ross (series star GEORGE CLOONEY) fails to convince recently divorced family man Dr. Mark Greene (series star ANTHONY EDWARDS), an attending resident, of the joys of casual sex with women. Ross' coworkers are all unimpressed by his behavior when he ends a relationship with a needy woman by calling her answering machine.

    Physician assistant Jeanie Boulet (series star GLORIA REUBEN) discovers that she contracted the HIV virus from her husband. Benton, who had an affair with Jeanie, tests negative for the disease. Although he is sympathetic to Jeanie, he questions her decision not to tell the hospital about her diagnosis.

    Meanwhile, everyone is worried that the hospital will be closed permanently, especially capable head emergency room nurse Carol Hathaway (series star JULIANNA MARGULIES). Hathaway almost quit recently in protest over the bureaucratic health care system. Also, Greene clashes with abrasive Dr. Kerry Weaver (series star LAURA INNES), who is his equal since her promotion to attending physician. Weaver confuses and angers everyone, including tough, talented emergency resident Dr. Susan Lewis (series star SHERRY STRINGFIELD). And the paramedics beat the emergency room team in softball at the Fourth of July picnic. Hathaway sees "Shep" Shepherd (recurring guest star RON ELDARD), her former lover, there with his new girlfriend.

  • Let The Games Begin
    Jeanie starts aggressive treatment for HIV, which requires her to take 14 pills a day. To avoid revealing her sickness to her employer, County General Hospital, Jeanie doesn't submit her bills to her insurance company; she pays them herself. She must also pay the bills of her estranged HIV-afflicted husband, Al (recurring guest star MICHAEL BEACH - "Waiting to Exhale"), who is uninsured. When Jeanie assists on a bloody trauma operation, Benton abruptly relieves her. Later, he tells her that he would quit if he were HIV positive.

    Everyone is reassured to learn that another hospital, Southside, is closing down instead of theirs. Unfortunately, Southside's staff will be merged with County General's under new Chief of Staff Donald Anspaugh (recurring guest star JOHN AYLWARD). Almost everyone hates the former Southside chief, except Weaver. While discussing the recent changes with Weaver, Chief of Surgery Dr. David Morgenstern (recurring guest star WILLIAM H. MACY - "Fargo") ends up inviting her to dinner.

    Meanwhile, Greene and Lewis ignore their mutual attraction. However, when they introduce their respective dates, the dates pair off.

    When Hathaway's car is repossessed, she realizes that she must sell her house. Unfortunately, her meddling mother, Halyna (recurring guest star ROSE GREGORIO - "True Confessions"), interferes with the real estate agent.

    Carter's elderly neighbor Betty (recurring guest star EILEEN BRENNAN - "Private Benjamin"), who smokes cigarettes, comes to the emergency room unable to breathe. When he hooks her up to an oxygen tank, Carter warns her never to smoke near it or it will explode. She seems to understand. After Benton chastises Carter for being late, Carter gets revenge by giving a local, rather than a general, anesthetic to Benton's talkative hernia patient. Still awake, the patient chatters incessantly while Benton tries to operate on him.

    Other emergency room patients include a heavy woman on illegal drugs who becomes violent and two 15-year-olds who lost a condom while having sex

  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell
    When Lewis invites Greene on a vacation trip to Hawaii, he hopes that she wants to be romantic with him. Secretly, she does. But Greene decides not to join her, leaving her feeling foolish. Later, Greene worries about the competency of the new residents from notoriously inferior Southside Hospital. But he is pleased with Southside intern Maggie Doyle (recurring guest star JORJAN FOX), who clashes with Hathaway but works well with Ross.

    New Chief of Staff Anspaugh annoys everyone with his strict efficiency standards. Because of Southside's closing, patient load will rise by 30 percent, and Anspaugh vows to punish whoever treats the fewest patients. Greene gets involved in reviving a mildly retarded adult's father and cannot find time to see any other patients. Benton transfers out of Anspaugh's cardiothoracic elective to work with a highly regarded pediatric surgeon, Dr. Abby Keaton (recurring guest star GLENNE HEADLY - "Dick Tracy," "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels").

    Benton tells Jeanie not to risk mixing her HIV-infected blood with the patients' and warns her to stay out of his operating room. Later, after Jeanie balks at removing a foot-long shard of glass from a man's chest, Weaver realizes the truth about Jeanie's previously hidden illness. She reassures Jeanie about Jeanie's decision to continue working at the hospital.

    Among the emergency room cases is Hathaway's former teacher, who assumes that Hathaway is a doctor. Also, no one believes a drunken man who claims a kangaroo attacked him until they hear about it on the news. Carter lies about a patient's condition so he can operate on her, causing trouble.

    Ironically, Ross advises a 15-year-old girl with gonorrhea not to have casual sex, then has sex with a lab technician in an examination room. Benton reprimands Gant for assisting on an appendectomy without permission. Carter reacts strangely to medication and is embarrassed in front of Anspaugh. And Carter's neighbor Betty, ignoring his earlier warning, smokes near her oxygen tank, which explodes, burning down their apartment building. His neighbor survives the blast, but Carter is left homeless

  • Last Call
    The morning after Ross drinks alcohol heavily and has sex with a woman whose name he doesn't even know, she dies from a seizure. Greene detects cocaine in her blood and angers Ross by demanding a urine sample from him. Cocaine is not found, but Weaver orders Greene to test Ross' alcohol level. After Greene and Ross have a nasty public argument, the police question Ross. When the dead woman's sister arrives, Ross pretends he didn't know the deceased. Hathaway refuses to console Ross, and the staff gossips.

    Benton doesn't know that the slides for his lecture burned up in Carter's apartment until after Benton begins speaking to the audience. Anspaugh and Benton are upset with Carter, but Keaton sympathizes. Later, Carter impresses Keaton by subduing a rebellious teenage patient, drawing Keaton's attention away from Benton, who is skillfully operating. Keaton invites Carter to assist in the colostomy, which annoys Benton. When the patient's mother asks Benton for guidance, he refers her to the psychiatric department. Keaton patiently rebukes Benton, reminding him that the focus of pediatric surgery is the child, not the illness. He apologizes. Gant allows Carter to move in with him.

    Weaver continues to clash with Greene. She switches their duties, taking surgical cases while Greene does boring medical matters. It doesn't work. Meanwhile, Jeanie's medication for HIV is making her nauseous. When a handsome construction worker, Mickey (BRIAN WIMMER - "China Beach"), who brought in an injured friend, flirts with her, she reluctantly rebuffs him.

    A young Korean girl who is afraid of men needs a pelvic exam. Nurse Hathaway and new female intern Doyle are the only ones she'll allow near her. Unfortunately, Hathaway must teach Doyle the procedure. Hathaway considers studying to become a doctor. Hathaway's mother, Halyna, offers to pay rent if Hathaway will let her stay at Hathaway's house one night a week.

    Benton visits a former lover, Carla Harris (recurring guest star LISA NICOLE CARSON), at her restaurant.

  • Ghosts
    On a stormy Halloween, a huge man dressed as a monster is shot in the chest. Gant impresses Weaver with his work on the victim. But Gant doubts himself when Benton arrives, and Benton replaces him with Carter. Later, Gant discovers that Benton is making him work harder than the other interns because people might think that Gant's been given preference due to his race.

    In another case, Carter treats a young girl and her father who were both hit by a car. When the man dies, Carter decides not to inform the daughter until after her operation. But when Carter later tells her the truth, she says that she already knew--her dad communicated with her during surgery.

    Jeanie clashes with new intern Doyle, who wants to obey a terminally ill patient's "do not resuscitate" order and let her die. Jeanie follows the wishes of the patient's husband, saving her life. Also, Jeanie must take a second mortgage on her house to pay her and Al's bills for HIV treatment.

    Hathaway enrolls in a pre-medical school physics class. Her lab partner is 15 years old and knows a lot more about physics. She also rides with Ross in the health mobile, Anspaugh's ill-conceived idea, which travels through poor neighborhoods giving free medical treatment. Wearing bulletproof vests, they are more like ambulance workers treating crime victims.

    While Benton and Carter examine a 2-year-old patient, they are quizzed by Keaton on child development. Benton's answers are very wrong, while Carter, who is naturally at ease with children, answers them all correctly. Benton's efforts to make the children like him fail.

    Greene and Ross are still tense around each other. Also, Lewis, who never went to Hawaii because she is afraid of flying, still wonders if Greene is romantically interested in her--and vice versa. At a Halloween party, Greene dances with Lewis. Finally, rumors circulate about the ghost who inhabits the fifth floor of the hospital. Greene and Lewis venture upstairs. While there, they feel a strange rush of cold air

  • Fear Of Flying
    Lewis momentarily overcomes her fear of flying when she and Greene travel in a rescue helicopter to help a family of four, the Herlihys, who were in a gruesome traffic accident in a rural area. When Lewis and Greene bring the victims back to the hospital, the father suffers temporary memory loss from severe head trauma, and the mother's condition stabilizes. Their two children--seven-year-old Zach (recurring guest star JONATHAN PATTERSON/JOSHUA PATTERSON) and infant Megan--are seriously injured but expected to live.

    With one of the nurses on vacation, nurse Rhonda Sterling (recurring guest star JENNY O'HARA) is brought in from another department. Because of Sterling's complete lack of experience in the emergency room, the other nurses expect the worst, but Hathaway gives her a chance. Unfortunately, Sterling proves not only incompetent but annoyingly lazy. When Sterling's carelessness with medication almost kills Zach, Hathaway orders her to restock supplies and stay away from the patients.

    Under Keaton's supervision, Benton performs exploratory surgery on Megan. Assured of Benton's competence, Keaton leaves for another emergency, allowing Benton to finish operating on Megan without her. However, Benton becomes overconfident and bungles the surgery, leaving the baby in extremely critical condition. Keaton castigates Benton, saying that it will be her responsibility but Benton's fault if the baby dies. Although Benton insists--erroneously--that he followed correct procedure, he is extremely agitated.

    Elsewhere in the emergency room, Greene and Lewis continue to behave awkwardly around each other due to their mutual attraction. And Jeanie must deal with an elderly man's dying wish--to be cryogenically preserved with his deceased wife

  • No Brain, No Gain
    Benton is obsessed with Megan, the infant whose condition is critical due to his surgical error. Keaton orders Benton to observe the dying baby to learn patience. Miraculously, Megan's condition improves. Benton tries to regain his dignity by relentlessly attempting to revive a young shooting victim. Keaton lets him continue so that he will learn another lesson.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Percy (WILLIAM SANDERSON - "Blade Runner," "The Rocketeer"), a mentally impaired man, sneaks away from Dale before an operation. After Carter locates the man and saves his life, Anspaugh allows Carter to work on the operation with a visiting surgeon. To no avail, Carter warns Dale and the others that Mr. Percy is not competent to sign his own surgical consent forms. During the surgery, Carter notices a hole in Mr. Percy's lung, causing Anspaugh to compliment Carter and reprimand Dale, who is also present. This later leads to a fight between Carter and Dale that is stopped by Keaton. Also, Carter and the older Keaton finally act on their mutual attraction.

    The incompetent nurse, Sterling, returns to the emergency room. When Sterling commits another grave error while caring for an accident victim, Hathaway vows to report her. But Sterling insists that she was unfairly assigned to the emergency room because the administration wants to force her out before she can collect her pension. She quits. Hathaway believes Sterling after another nurse who is almost eligible for a pension is temporarily transferred out of the emergency room to do unfamiliar work.

    After Greene overrides some of Ross' decisions concerning patients, Ross confronts Greene about his recent sanctimonious behavior. Greene admits that he has been judgmental since the recent incident when Ross' date died in the emergency room after using cocaine. When Greene apologizes, Ross confides that he is consulting a therapist about his promiscuous lifestyle.

    Greene worries that Lewis is dating Morgenstern. He's astounded when she tells him that Morgenstern is only helping her transfer to a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, so that she can be near her niece

  • Union Station
    It's Lewis' last day at work before she moves to Arizona, and Greene still hasn't told her that he's enamored with her.

    While on the mobile clinic, Anspaugh's traveling care center for the poor, Ross allows a streetwise 14-year-old girl, Charlie (recurring guest star KIRSTEN DUNST - "Interview with the Vampire," "Jumanji"), to forge the signature of a baby's mother for a vaccination after lab tests indicate the baby needs treatment and Ross cannot locate the mother. Meanwhile, the four members of the Herlihy family, who were involved in a terrible car wreck, are all discharged. Benton still feels guilty about his judgment concerning the Herlihy infant.

    Suspecting a conspiracy to force employees to quit before they can collect their pensions, Hathaway asks the nursing administrator to stop moving the nurses around to different departments where they are less qualified. The administrator agrees to a compromise in exchange for Hathaway serving on a hospital committee.

    Nurse Lydia Wright (recurring guest star ELLEN CRAWFORD) ends her marriage engagement to policeman Alfred "Al" Grabarsky (recurring guest star MIKE GENOVESE) because he keeps delaying the wedding. Devastated, he marries her in an impromptu ceremony at the hospital.

    Jeanie's husband finally gives her the signed divorce papers--as well as their house and car. He explains that not only does she deserve them, but his actions will enable him to qualify for a state health program for the poor.

    Doyle causes trouble by calling the police to charge a nine-months pregnant woman with the attempted murder of her fetus. Also, Keaton tries to train a skeptical Benton to visualize the body's interior before operating. Keaton continues her secret liaison with Carter. Benton and his former girlfriend Carla become romantic in an empty operating room.

    Finally, a surprise farewell party for Lewis is canceled due to an influx of patients from a car accident, and Lewis leaves quietly. Ross persuades Greene to tell Lewis how he feels. Greene rushes to the train station and stops Lewis from boarding a train. He breathlessly tells her that he loves her. However, Lewis' feelings toward Greene are those of a loving friendship, and she leaves.

  • Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies
    Without Lewis, the emergency room is even more understaffed. Greene calls a staff meeting and outlines a new scheduling system. He seems to be dealing with his heartbreak over Lewis' leaving by taking on more responsibility at work.

    Meanwhile, Hathaway studies hard for her pre-medical school midterm test in physics, and she scores fairly well. Hathaway also gains a minor victory by convincing the hospital administration to stop transferring the emergency room nurses. Weaver inadvertently insults Hathaway by saying that she is acting like management.

    Worrying that he is not succeeding in his pediatric surgery elective, Benton works hard at developing his visualization skills to impress Keaton. Unfortunately, during an operation observed by Keaton, Benton is called away by Morgenstern, and Carter is allowed to finish the surgery.

    Keaton surprises Carter by implying that their relationship is strictly for fun. He is sad to learn that she will soon be traveling to Pakistan for a few months to teach. Later, she comes to the Carter family farm with him to cut down a Christmas tree, and they have sex again.

    Wanting to prove his worth to Benton, Gant, though overloaded with work, refuses Carter's help. Gant blames Carter for helping Benton on a surgery instead of allowing him to help.

    When Greene treats Jeanie's ex-husband, Al, for HIV, he wonders if Jeanie may be infected as well, although Jeanie denies it. Weaver, who knows the truth, tells Greene to believe Jeanie. Even Anspaugh orders Greene to leave the situation alone. Breaking hospital rules, Greene checks Jeanie's confidential medical records and confirms his suspicions. He berates Weaver for not sharing the information with him and possibly making the hospital liable for a lawsuit should Jeanie spread the disease. When Jeanie finds out Greene violated her privacy, she furiously confronts him.

  • Homeless For The Holidays
    With rumors abounding about her HIV-positive status, Jeanie finally tells her co-workers the truth. Meanwhile, Greene and Weaver clash over how to institute policies regarding HIV-infected employees. Also, Doyle helps an abused woman escape from her husband.

    Charlie, the 14-year-old girl who convinced Ross to immunize a baby that she cares for, brings the infant to him again. Ross determines that the baby has a tumor. The mother, Gloria (TIA TEXADA), is missing, so he operates without her consent. When Gloria finally arrives at the hospital, she is on illicit drugs and is furious about the surgery. When Ross threatens to call the authorities, she leaves. Charlie is upset because she was staying with Gloria.

    After performing well in the child's successful surgery, Benton asks Keaton to recommend him for the next pediatric surgery rotation. She refuses because she feels that Benton's remote manner would not make him a good pediatric surgeon despite his excellent technique.

    A critically burned homeless man is rushed to the emergency room, accompanied by his dog, Nick. Greene promises the dying man that he will take care of the dog. While washing Nick in the emergency room, Greene falls and gashes his forehead. Jeanie is the only qualified staff person available to treat him. Reluctant because she is HIV-infected, Greene finally allows her to stitch his injury.

    After inviting Gant to attend a family holiday party with him, Carter reneges to be with Keaton. Gant is depressed because his girlfriend ended their relationship. Meanwhile, with nowhere else to go on Christmas Eve, Ross brings Charlie to Hathaway's home. Hathaway, who is celebrating a Ukrainian Christmas with her family, lets a now-homeless Charlie stay overnight.

  • Night Shift
    Greene prepares for his tenure review next week, hoping to join the faculty. His main competition is Weaver. When Weaver tries to recruit subjects for a grant to study the physical behavioral patterns of night-shift workers, Jeanie feels obligated to help Weaver, so she joins the study.

    Hathaway and Ross volunteer to perform a designated safety check to help Greene. They make a good team as they round up dangerous equipment. The former lovers stumble upon a room where they used to meet, and they recall old memories.

    After stealing expensive silverware from Hathaway's home on Christmas Eve, Charlie comes to the emergency room to get money from Ross to pay her pimp. Not believing her claim that she is in danger, Ross refuses her. Later, Charlie returns to the hospital, beaten and raped.

    Benton finds Keaton cuddling with Carter on her couch just before she leaves the emergency room to go work in Pakistan. The mortified Keaton assumes that Benton will blackmail her in order to get another rotation in pediatric surgery. But Benton's ethics will not allow him to do that.

    Gant feels Benton is being too tough on him. But when Gant's mistake nearly causes a young patient to die, Benton gets even tougher.

    Greene puts his career in jeopardy when he treats a woman who refuses to give her consent. Later, he and nurse Chuni Marquez (recurring guest star LAURA CERSN) subtly flirt during the night shift. After work, they consummate their attraction to each other in Greene's bedroom.

    Benton, Carter and Doyle feverishly work to save a victim who either tripped or threw himself in front of a subway. Although the patient is unrecognizable due to the injuries, they soon realize the victim is Gant.

  • Post Mortem
    Carter feels sorrow but also guilt about Gant's death even though the police rule it an accident. He wonders if it was really suicide and thinks that he wasn't a good enough friend to Gant. He also feels that Benton, who will not discuss the matter, may be partly responsible due to his harsh treatment of Gant. Later, Carter reads Benton's most recent evaluation of Gant, which was positive. Unfortunately, Gant never saw it. Carter rebukes Benton for his seeming lack of concern.

    Meanwhile, Charlie asks Ross to be her guardian, and Charlie's mother, whose former boyfriends have abused Charlie, agrees, claiming she can't control her daughter. Ross refuses.

    To protest cuts in their overtime pay, the nurses call in sick. Hathaway gets temporary employees and closes down part of the emergency room. However, a deathly ill patient from West Africa needs treatment. The doctors worry that he might have the highly contagious ebola virus. Jeanie is willing to treat him, helped by Dr. Greg Fischer (recurring guest star HARRY J. LENNIX) from Infectious Diseases, who discovers that the man has malaria.

    Fischer invites Jeanie to look at the stars with him through a telescope. She mistakenly thinks that he is homosexual, but when he kisses her she realizes her mistake. She tells him that she is HIV positive. Meanwhile, Greene overzealously courts Marquez, who wants to let their romance develop more slowly.

    When a homeless man dies in the emergency room, the overworked Hathaway takes responsibility for giving him the wrong blood. Due to the lack of nurses, Weaver and Greene don't think it is important to report the incident, but Hathaway insists

  • Fortune's Fools
    Greene concludes that he and Marquez have very little in common and asks Ross for advice on how to end the relationship. However, Marquez ends it amicably first.

    Carter thinks Benton's unwillingness to deal with Gant's death is affecting Benton's work performance. When Benton refuses to sign them up for any difficult surgeries, Carter gets angry. Later, Benton and Carter are slated to give an oral presentation to the surgical staff. Unfortunately, Benton never comes, making Carter appear unprepared. Instead, Benton accidentally sees his girlfriend, Carla, who informs him that she is pregnant. Disgusted and unaware of this new development, a frustrated Carter tells Benton that he intends to take a position that emergency room attending physician Dr. Angela Hicks (recurring guest star CCH POUNDER) offered him on her surgical team.

    Meanwhile, a newspaper article blames the emergency room nurses' strike for a homeless man's death. Hathaway, who gave him the wrong blood type, believes the strike was not a factor and that she is responsible. She tells this to a reporter and is suspended for doing so.

    Greene and Weaver show six prospective interns around the emergency room. Each takes three interns. Weaver's tour is boring, but Greene allows his interns to get involved in treating patients. When the tour is over, none of Weaver's interns applies for a position. But all of Greene's interns rank the emergency room as their top choice. Impressed, Anspaugh tells Greene that a tenured teaching spot is available on the faculty.

    Greene treats a woman, Heather Morgan (CAITLIN DULANY), who asks him to meet her at a bar later that evening. Since he wants to date Heather, he gives her case to Doyle and shows up at the bar.

  • Who's Appy Now
    Greene cancels one date so he can go on dates with two other women on the same night. But all three women, including County General's consulting psychiatrist Dr. Nina Pomerantz (recurring guest star JAMI GERTZ - "Twister"), discover the truth and get angry. Meanwhile, Fischer, the doctor from Infectious Diseases, enlists Jeanie's help in testing emergency room personnel for an infection. Later, Jeanie and Fischer kiss.

    Doyle and Carter's work relationship changes from competitive to cooperative after Doyle stops Carter from using his fingers to remove a razor-sharp bullet from an AIDS patient. Later, Doyle, who grew up as a policeman's daughter, teaches Carter how to shoot a gun at a firing range. Doyle casually reveals that she is a lesbian when she sees her ex-girlfriend there.

    Meanwhile, 17-year-old cystic fibrosis patient Jad Houston (CHAD LINDBERG) is in respiratory distress. At first, Ross believes that the boy has signed an order not to be resuscitated, but after he discovers that Jad is too young to make that decision, Ross saves his life. Ross convinces Jad's mother (VERONICA CARTWRIGHT - "The Witches of Eastwick") to sign the order as Jad wishes, but when Jad almost dies again, she forces a reluctant Ross to revive him.

    Also, Carter performs a perfect emergency appendectomy on his former teacher, Benton. And Nurse Haleh Adams (recurring guest star YVETTE FREEMAN) unsuccessfully takes over the suspended Hathaway's duties.

  • The Long Way Around
    Hathaway remains on suspension from the hospital. While Hathaway is shopping at a family-owned neighborhood store, two teenagers, Duncan (EWAN McGREGOR - "Trainspotting," "Emma") and James (Currie Graham), rob it. The teens had planned a simple, nonviolent heist, but the situation escalates when the elderly store owner shoots and injures James. Duncan shoots the owner, and several customers are injured as well. Someone escapes and calls the police. Trapped inside the store, the robbers take hostages, including Hathaway and her 10-year-old neighbor, Robert (MASON GAMBLE - "Dennis the Menace").

    After persuading the thieves to allow her to tend to the injured, Hathaway uses her medical skills and crude implements from the store to help the victims. Unfortunately, she is unable to save the elderly shopkeeper. She also negotiates with Duncan and James. Hathaway calms Duncan, who is upset that he killed the old man. Despite the tense situation, Hathaway sympathizes with him because she, too, killed an old man by accidentally giving him the wrong blood.

    Later, Duncan attempts to escape, taking Hathaway with him. However, a police officer shoots him. The standoff ends. Duncan and James are transported to the emergency room, where Hathaway reluctantly relinquishes control of her patient, Duncan, to Ross. The hostages are fine and owe their lives to Hathaway. Later, Duncan dies, while James will probably live to be prosecuted

  • Faith
    The nurses get a new contract, and Hathaway is reinstated after an investigation proves her not negligent in a patient's death. The nurses belatedly realize that she is a good manager. On her first day back at work, Hathaway leaves early to take the medical school admissions test.

    Benton tells his pregnant girlfriend, Carla, that he wants to be a supportive father. She informs him that she wants nothing from him. She believes Benton only cares about himself. Later, Benton remorsefully confides to Hicks that he was too concerned with his own career to care about Gant's feelings.

    Greene's 37-year-old Down's syndrome patient, Louise (LOUISE C. BROWN), needs a heart transplant. In the past, hospital therapist and transplant committee member Dr. Nina Pomerantz recommended not to put Louise on a waiting list. Greene argues with Pomerantz, but the patient's elderly mother supports the decision because she does not want her daughter to outlive her and be left alone.

    Meanwhile, Jeanie wants to do something spontaneous and asks Fischer to attend an opera with her. He treats her to a picnic in very cold weather. He suggests they make love, but Jeanie wants to let the relationship develop slowly.

    Cystic fibrosis patient Jad Houston signs a "do not resuscitate" order upon reaching age 18. Ross removes him from the respirator, and Jad survives. Also, Carter disagrees with Anspaugh's diagnosis and is proven correct, impressing Anspaugh.

  • Tribes
    Two 17-year-old victims are rushed into the emergency room after being shot during a drug deal that went awry at a diner. One is a white diner employee, and the other is a black patron, Kenny Law (NORRIS YOUNG), wearing gang attire. The white employee looks more seriously injured and is quickly treated. But Kenny is actually the more critical patient and eventually dies. At first, the medical staff assumes Kenny is a gang member, but later they learn he was an innocent bystander and high school basketball star. The white employee, who survives, is a drug dealer. Kenny's brother, Chris (recurring guest star JOE TORRY - "Sprung"), is outraged.

    Because of confidentiality rules, Greene prevents Doyle from informing Kenny's teammates that the white employee is a criminal. Later, a player from a rival team is brought in with a gunshot wound.

    Meanwhile, Hathaway convinces a rape victim to file criminal charges against the man who drugged her with a substance that causes loss of consciousness and amnesia.

    After the pregnant Carla has a car accident, she goes into premature labor. Jeanie treats her and stops the labor with drugs. Jeanie also discovers that Benton is the child's father. Later, Benton peeks at Carla's ultrasound and sees his unborn son. Also, Benton joins Dr. Hicks' general surgery team, which means that he'll be working with Carter again.

    Greene doesn't detect a serious heart problem in a patient until Carter makes the correct diagnosis. Also, Greene must care for his young daughter, Rachel (recurring guest star YVONNE ZIMA), when his ex-wife, Jennifer (recurring guest star CHRISTINE HARNOS), goes to Florida to visit her own mother, who suffered a stroke.

  • You Bet Your Life
    Anspaugh tells Greene to publish an article in a medical journal in order to compete with Weaver for a teaching position at the hospital. However, Greene cannot even maintain his commitments to the emergency room and to his daughter, Rachel, who develops social problems at school. Later, Greene consults with Dr. Pomerantz about a woman who wants surgery so badly that she eats some surgical equipment. He decides this might make an interesting article.

    Carter wants Anspaugh to perform delicate surgery on a patient, but Anspaugh refuses because he doesn't believe that the patient will survive the surgery. Carter convinces Hicks to perform the surgery without telling her about Anspaugh's refusal. When Carter's deception is exposed, he is placed on probation. The patient survives.

    Meanwhile, Hathaway continues to undermine Doyle's authority. Benton lies to get Carla's confidential hospital files and learns that she has gestational diabetes.

    Fischer plans to take Jeanie out of town for the weekend, but she hesitates to accept his offer. Jeanie treats a female AIDS patient who attempts suicide and eventually dies. Instead of going with Fischer, Jeanie visits Al and finds comfort with him.

    Ross treats a high school student who insists on attending her school dance. She needs gallbladder surgery. Ross orders an ambulance to drive her to the dance and return her to the hospital that night for surgery

  • Calling Dr. Hathaway
    Hathaway gets the results of her medical-school admissions test. Not only did she pass, but she scored in the 85th percentile. Weaver treats Hathaway as if she were already a medical student. However, Hathaway reconsiders attending medical school, realizing that she loves being a nurse and is not ready for a career change.

    Meanwhile, Carla has gestational diabetes, and Benton worries about her, as well as their unborn child. He uncharacteristically takes a day off from work and cares for Carla.

    Carter is still in trouble for disobeying Anspaugh's orders recently. When a mistake is made by Carter's rival intern, Dale Edson, it causes an allergic reaction in a patient. Dale covers it up, and Carter does not report it, fearing that Anspaugh would believe Dale instead of him.

    Also, a genetically engineered mouse escapes from the genetics laboratory and runs loose in the emergency room. A couple conducting a study on creative problem-solving in emergency departments makes Greene wonder if they are insane. Greene gives his daughter and her fellow girls' club members a tour of the emergency room. Later, Pomerantz and Greene take their daughters bowling. And when Carter tells Doyle that he is attracted to her, Doyle reminds him that she is a lesbian.

  • Random Acts
    When Jeanie learns that Al's medicine is not benefiting him much, she helps him get accepted into a new drug study conducted at the hospital by Fischer. Fischer learns that Jeanie and Al are seeing a lot of each other. Eventually, Jeanie and Al have sex.

    Benton acts as Carla's partner when she takes a birthing class, but he is unreliable and too strict, so she tells him that she wants another partner. Later, she is admitted to the hospital due to complications in her pregnancy and must remain lying down.

    Benton and Carter assist on a kidney transplant from a brother to a sister. The brother suffers complications, but the surgery is a success. Later, Carter astounds Benton by leaving a discussion among prestigious surgeons to check on the transplant patients.

    After his mother gets a bill from the hospital, Chris Law threatens Dr. Greene. Chris' brother, a black student and innocent bystander shot during a drug deal, recently died in the emergency room while the white drug dealer was successfully treated. Greene also has hostile encounters with a doomsayer and the father of an injured drum majorette (HEATHER MATARAZZO - "Welcome to the Dollhouse"), who wants his daughter to have unnecessary plastic surgery. Later in the hospital bathroom, Greene survives a brutal attack by an unknown assailant.

    Meanwhile, everyone wonders who is writing the romance novel found under the admissions desk and less-than-loosely based on members of the emergency room staff. Ross transfers his obsession with sex to golf. Greene learns that Doyle is a lesbian. And a new emergency pediatrics intern, Anna Del Amico (recurring guest star MARIA BELLO - "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"), joins the staff. Ross is somewhat intimidated by her

  • Make A Wish
    A battered and bruised Greene returns to work as additional security measures are added to the hospital. Greene is convinced that his attacker was a disgruntled patient or a patient's family member. But none of the people he suspects are considered likely candidates by the police, who believe that Greene was simply the victim of a random act of violence. Greene has not recovered psychologically from the attack.

    Meanwhile, Carter rethinks his career as a surgeon, feeling better utilized in the emergency room. He's interested in the lives of patients--not just their organs. His problems with Anspaugh continue when Carter devises a way to treat a patient who doesn't want surgery despite Anspaugh's recommendation.

    Al and Jeanie are very comfortable and happy as a couple for the first time ever.

    Carla delivers her baby two months prematurely and in critical condition. Benton acts like a doctor instead of a father during delivery. Benton and Carla must decide on a treatment option that could have serious risks for their tiny son.

    Also, Ross gives Hathaway a surprise birthday party--at her house.

    One More For The Road

    Carter wants to leave the surgical residency program in order to pursue emergency medicine, but Anspaugh angrily refuses to allow it. Realizing budget restraints could hinder the transfer, Carter informs Weaver that he doesn't need a salary. When Carter persists, Anspaugh considers the change.

    The risky treatment performed on Benton and Carla's premature baby is successful. The baby improves, but there is a possibility that he will have permanent brain damage.

    Infuriated as a result of sleep deprivation due to his recent traumatic attack, Greene destroys the lounge, throwing furniture and other items around. Ross tries to help him, but Greene won't acknowledge that he has a problem. When police detectives show Greene pictures of possible attackers, Greene admits that he only saw his assailant's pants and shoes. He chooses a photo but is unsure if it is the correct one.

    Later, Greene is harassed on the subway by some teenage thugs that follow him off at his station and demand money. Greene turns around, points a gun at the robbers and forces them to board the train again.

    The 14-year-old streetwise girl Charlie is brought into the emergency room again. Tests indicate that she overdosed on cocaine and other drugs, and she suffers from hepatitis. Ross notifies Child and Family Services, but Charlie runs away before the authorities arrive.

    When Hathaway returns home from a date with another man, Ross is waiting. Ross and Hathaway share a kiss on her doorstep.
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