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Days of our Lives 1997 Summary

December 7, 2016, 8:33am





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Days of our Lives 1997 Summary

John and Kristen's plans to elope were interrupted by Carrie's call from the hospital about Sami's accident. Sami had tried telling a doubting Austin that there was something wrong with the car. When the car lurched out of control, Sami was slammed up against a wall and ended up paralyzed from the waist down and no memory of her recent past. Her kinder, gentler, younger personality seemed to shine through. Guilt-ridden Austin continued to play loving dad and husband, much to Carrie's great discomfort. Besides, until Sami regained her mind, an annulment was impossible.

As a result of Sami's accident and subsequent amnesia, the search began for her father, Roman. When news came that Roman was dead, John and Marlena became closer, but neither revealed their feelings. Because of a final letter from Roman asking her to take care of Sami, Carrie backed off pushing Austin to tell Sami the truth about their relationship. She began to spend more time with childhood buddy, Dr. Mike Horton. Lucas and Sami encouraged that situation to drive Carrie further from Austin.

Eventually, in late spring, Sami was nearly electrocuted by faulty wiring in an iron. The jolt brought back most of her memory, and even more of her old scheming and conniving ways as she kept her memory return secret. Shortly after, Carrie was out with Will when an accident on the pier threw Will's stroller into the river. Carrie jumped too and Austin came along and saved both. The ensuing brief hospital visit and tests made on Will would eventually prove very important later in the year.

Meanwhile, as the year started off, Vivian found out about Susan and that Kristen wasn't pregnant. She blackmailed Kristen into voting her into a Titan position. Vivian, along with John, Marlena and Kristen (in nurse's garb) were on hand in the delivery room when overjoyed John married "Kristen" before the baby came. Vivian made certain Susan signed Kristen's name on the wedding certificate. Believing that John and Kristen were married, Marlena decided to keep silent about all of Kristen's lies and deceits.

Kristen kept Susan in line with intimidation. However, Susan got some therapy from Dr. Evans. As Susan's self-esteem grew, she convinced Kristen to hire her as the baby's nanny. However, Kristen told Stefano who came to the rescue by having a secret room built into the DiMera mansion to hold Susan. When Susan overheard Kristen's plans for the room, Susan started to disguise herself as Kristen, making moves on John and even parading around Salem.

Marlena figured out a connection between Susan and Kristen and confronted her. After a heated physical struggle, Kristen locked Marlena into the secret room. Everyone assumed Marlena had been kidnapped again by Stefano. Susan eventually realized Marlena was held in the secret room and tried to help Marlena get free but couldn't open the door. Then Susan realized that Kristen planned to marry John, became horrified and started plans of her own against Kristen. When Marlena tricked Kristen into coming down to the cellar to check the secret room, Susan took the opportunity to foil Marlena's escape to keep her from telling John everything, and trapped Kristen in the same room with Marlena!

In turmoil over estrangement from Hope, Bo lost his job after punching Abe, then lost his boat, Fancy Face, in a pool game. Abe later convinced Bo to come back to work undercover to nab drug kingpin J.L. King. His situation drove him further from Hope and into Billie's arms when she got caught up in the operation. Abe suggested getting Billie into a witness protection program but when she left town, King's distrust about Bo, Hope and Billie erupted. He put a gun to Bo's head and planted a bomb at the Horton house where Hope and Shawn-D were staying before Bo finally saved the day. But Bo and Billie moved in together to keep his cover intact. It caused more alienation from Hope. But when Viper, one of King's teenaged drug dealers shot Shawn-D, the estranged couple shared tender moments by their son's hospital bed. When a drug bust went bad, Billie saved Hope's life and later took the blame for the drugs found near Shawn-D leading to her arrest but was later released.

Ironically, as the drug operation took Bo and Billie to Rome, Hope and Franco (who had finally told Hope of his deep feelings for her) also arrived in Rome for a modeling assignment. Franco and Hope became witnesses in the wedding ceremony, orchestrated as a test by King, between Bo and Billie. Later, a dirty Interpol agent revealed Bo as an undercover cop and King took Bo and Billie prisoner. Luckily, they made a daring escape.

In spite of nurse Lynn and Kristen drugging Laura, her memory was returning. Laura continued to insist Peter was alive, even though no one believed her. Eventually, Laura got an order to have Peter's coffin exhumed, but Kristen (with Ivan and Vivian's help) beat her to it and had the remains cremated.

Jack was sentenced to life in prison for "killing" Peter who was alive and in hiding. In jail, one of his cell pals, Travis, secretly worked for Stefano to keep tabs on Jack. In the summer, Jack's appeal was denied. Meanwhile, Stefano had Travis released from jail to become Jennifer's new neighbor "Trent" who was so kind he put in a security alarm system at her house!

With Kristen and Marlena trapped in the same secret room, their catfights simmered to verbal taunting. On a monitor, both watched in horror as Susan, disguised as Kristen, tried to seduce John. Susan, passing as Kristen, got Lynn to stop drugging Laura and even fooled her twin, Sister Mary Moira. Susan then changed Kristen's wedding plans - to a Presley parody - with John wearing studded black leather, the bride in some version of Priscilla, and best man Abe in Col. Parker garb. Even the music was pure Elvis. The reception was interrupted when Laura escaped the hospital and arrived to expose Kristen, unaware that it was really Susan. A frantic search ensued and they got to the secret room before Kristen and Marlena died of gas leak they caused by trying to break out. Marlena finally revealed Kristen's deceit to a horrified John. Susan confirmed Marlena's story.

During a confrontation between Kate and Sami, a photo from the blackmail material fell out and when wheelchair-bound Victor saw it, he suffered a serious second stroke. Victor was transferred to an out-of-town nursing home and is not expected to recover.

Sami, meanwhile, was rocked when she noticed a discrepancy in Will's blood type on a hospital notice she got in the mail. Turns out Lucas, not Austin, is her baby's father! On several occasions Sami tried to change the hospital computer records, but failed.

Reunited John and Marlena were lost in love and enjoyed a romantic courtship. Kristen, Ivan and Vivian (now penniless after paying fines) got out of jail in time to crash John and Marlena's engagement party. Stefano was angered when Kristen's threat to jump off the terrace foiled his plan to take Marlena again. On John and Marlena's wedding day Kristen got her revenge. Just as Marlena was about to walk into the church, Kristen delivered a bandaged and wheelchair-bound Roman, suffering from the still-lethal effects of chemical warfare. Kristen tended Roman at the DiMera mansion and told Roman that Marlena's relationship with John was over; and she and John were happily married. John and Marlena moved into the DiMera mansion too.

Roman's return played into Sami's plans. She used her dying dad to bolster her position with Austin, telling Roman that she and Austin were happily married, and that Carrie and Mike were dating. Because of Roman's condition, everyone felt obligated to play along.

Austin got the annulment from Sami but saw Carrie and Mike drawing closer to each other. He hid the annulment papers and said nothing. Sami found the papers, but Austin, believing Mike was better for Carrie anyway, proposed marriage to Sami who was delighted to accept. Meanwhile, Mike held his heart in check while helping Carrie through her family ordeal. The Bradys got another shock when Sami's twin brother, Eric, returned to Salem from Denver. Kate didn't tell Austin that Sami had regained her memory for fear of Sami's blackmail: she had been a call girl in the past and Kate had hired Franco to come between Bo and Hope.

Once King was locked up, Hope learned the truth about Bo and flew to Rome. Franco went along and made sure Hope found Bo and Billie in bed, looking very passionate. Terribly hurt, and convinced Bo had fallen in love with Billie during the undercover operation, Hope returned to Salem and accepted a "friendship" ring from Franco. Meanwhile, in Rome, Billie was captured and drugged by Max, one of King's henchmen. By the time Bo found Billie, she was truly hooked on drugs. He helped her through a torturous withdrawal and they bonded deeply.

Mike, as a doctor and family friend, joined Carrie at a bacterial disease conference hoping to find information that would help Roman. They ended up sharing a suite, romantic dinners, a night on the town and a drive to the mountains. The couple were caught in a storm and had a car accident. Mike and Carrie grew closer while they were trapped in a cabin. By the time the Carrie was able to call Salem, Sami and Austin were planning their wedding. Carrie was devastated to have lost Austin.

Eric's suspicions and Roman's concerns for both his daughters delayed the ceremony long enough for Carrie to go to the hospital and, with Mike's help, access the files and come back with proof that Will is not Austin's child. After presenting the information - and a memorable roundhouse punch - Carrie stopped Sami from marrying Austin. Instead, Carrie became Austin's bride, with heartbroken Mike serving as best man.

While Carrie and Austin were on their honeymoon in Rome, Sami manipulated Mike into attending a medical conference there, then secretly followed the trio to Italy. Dressed as a nun, Sami spied on Carrie and Austin making love, stole Carrie's diary, and schemed with Franco, also in Rome, to manipulate Mike and Carrie's emotions.

Back in Salem, John agreed to release an imprisoned Stefano and join him on a jungle quest to find Roman's cure. Before heading out to the jungle, DiMera visited Susan's baby, Elvis. Through flashbacks, it was revealed that Stefano fathered Susan's baby while dressed up like Elvis. When John, Hope, Kristen and Stefano finally arrived at DiMera's mysterious jungle compound, John and Hope were imprisoned. Later, the vial holding the cure was broken and DiMera's doctors no longer had the rare orchid needed for another batch. Only John offered to go into the jungle filled with hostile natives, dangerous beasts and natural hazards. Hope followed. The duo faced a tarantula, stalking natives, cliff falls, fire, and near death more than once each. Back at the compound, Hope felt she was coming close to jarring her memory about some secret from Maison Blanche. However, natives attacked and they were forced to leave. Luckily, John made it back in time but was hallucinating due to a native dart. With the seeds remaining in John's backpack, Dr. Rolf was able to concoct another batch of cure. Their plane was caught in a thunderstorm and downed.

As his last wish Roman wants to re-wed Marlena. Drawn to Roman in his need and believing John was dead in the jungle, Marlena agreed to remarry Roman. They were before a priest and about to make their vows when John arrived carrying Roman's cure. Roman was rushed back to the hospital for treatment.

Jennifer landed a job at Jack's prison, posing as a prison guard named Hope Williams. When Travis/Trent figured out who "Hope" was, he kidnapped Jennifer and planned to rendezvous with Peter, who would pay him for her delivery. Jennifer tried to escape at every opportunity. When Jack found out Jennifer had been kidnapped, he escaped to hunt for her. Peter was on his way from his hideout in the jungle when he was bitten by a mosquito and suffered recurrent bouts of jungle madness. At the Grand Canyon, Jack found Travis and the two struggled and fell over the canyon rim. While Jack fell to a ledge, Travis went to the bottom and died. Jack and Jennifer got back to Salem, and Abby, in time for a secret Christmas celebration.

An odd old man crossed paths with Vivian and Ivan. It appeared he was wealthy and very eccentric, so Vivian began a plan to swindle him out of his fortune by pretending to be his lost love, Flora Dora. She had a costumed Ivan perform a "marriage" ceremony in order to get into Jonesy's will.

Lucas tried to get Sami to back off her blackmail of his mom Kate by threatening to take Will away from her permanently, but it didn't work. In fact, to prove her point and land a prestigious position at Titan, Sami planted a negative story about Kate in a tabloid. Although she balked, Kate gave in and gave Sami the job of Director of Imaging, a move that aroused Carrie and Austin's suspicions. Susan discovered Stefano is her baby's father when he came to visit the child. Kristen became obsessed with the idea of having John Jr. back as the way to win back John. Kristen drugged Susan and had her sign over custody of her baby. Determined to get her son back, Susan sought out her brother, Thomas, and returned to intimidate Kristen who was shocked by the sight of the Banks triplets! Eventually, Susan asked for John and Marlena's help. When Susan got her son back, she wasted no time in getting on a plane and heading out of the country.

Eventually, Bo and Hope cleared up most of their misunderstandings, but Bo omitted that he did consummate his marriage to Billie. To keep himself away from Billie, Bo threw himself into the search for Jennifer. Bo told Billie how much he thinks of Hope and she became disheartened. But Kate told Billie to do everything she can to hold him and Billie became determined to fight for Bo.

At the New Year's Eve party, Mike brought a married nurse he hoped Carrie would think is the woman he loves. Carrie became very uncomfortable seeing Mike and his date together, and it was clear that there's more chemistry brewing than she wants to admit. Meanwhile, Austin was clueless. Sami attended the party alone, which made it easy for Franco to put his plan of seducing her into action: use Sami as another stepping stone to Hope while making Sami believe he's helping her make Austin jealous.

Roman received a clean bill of health from Mike and bought Marlena an engagement ring. Kristen formulates a plan to win back John and ruin Marlena's life.

Bo decided to tell Hope the truth about consummating his marriage with Billie in Rome, and Hope decided to ring in the New Year with Bo. However, just as Bo and Hope made their way to each other, Billie fainted... And it looks like she has the ammunition to keep Bo at her side!
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